BSG Ecology is a leading independent ecological consultancy. We provide a complete ecology service, from fieldwork and baseline survey to impact assessment, biodiversity management, project design and expert witness advice.


Residential & Commercial Development

Survey, Consultation, EcIA, CEMPs, LEMPs, SQEs and BREEAM

Public Sector

Planning Application Advice, Technical Review, SCAPE
Minerals Quarry ecology


Survey, Advice, Impact Assessment, Restoration Design

Onshore Wind

Specialist Advice, Impact Assessment, Mitigation Advice & Public Inquiry
Solar Farm

Solar Energy

Specialist Ecological Advice, Feasibility Studies, Surveys & Mitigation
Bodiam Castle

Built Heritage & Historic Landscapes

Protected Species Advice, Site Management & Training

Protected Species

Advice, Survey, Mitigation, Licensing & Assessment
Short-eared owl


Survey, Analysis & Assessment, Mitigation, Habitat Management & Advice
Red Campion

Phase 1 & Botanical Survey

Phase 1 Habitat Survey, NVC Survey, Mitigation, Translocation
adonis blue butterfly wings closed_small


Survey, Assessment, Advice, Mitigation & Management

Ecological Impact Assessment

Screening & Scoping, Survey, ES Chapters & Design Input
P1190623 Laura Jennings_small

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Advice, HRA Screening, Appropriate Assessment

Biodiversity offsetting – a way forward for a Lawton Levy?

BSG Ecology recently attended events focussing on biodiversity, planning & the environment. There are many changes taking place in this area and these events proved useful in keeping us up to date on current thinking and practice & on potential future changes to how biodiversity is addressed through...
Rewilding_Oak in former arable field

Rewilding Britain – a new way of looking at the restoration of land?

In 2015 Rewilding Britain was launched, setting about making the case for rewilding in the UK. Their new director, Helen Meech, describes rewilding in an interview with Peter Shepherd and Ian Houlston of LDA Design. The interview appears in the latest edition of the Landscape Institute magazine.
Great Crested Newt fencing

Natural England’s Pilot Great Crested Newt Project in Woking – what are the implications?

Natural England is currently piloting a new approach to licencing in relation to great crested newts in the Borough of Woking. This article provides a detailed overview of NE’s Woking Pilot Study process, emerging policies & our views on the potential implications these could have for our clients.