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Micro wind turbine Thursday March 29th, 2012

Bats and Micro-wind Energy Schemes

BSG Ecology has been delivering ecological survey and assessment in support of wind farm and large single turbine applications for a considerable time.   Over the past year, however, we have begun to field a considerable number of queries about small-scale turbines, typically to provide electricity for individual industrial units or farms.  The requirement for our input often arises as a result of consultee concerns about potential impacts on bats.

There is currently a lack of guidance available for bat and other ecological survey in relation to small and micro wind energy schemes, which is compounded by a perceived lack of clarity over what constitutes a micro wind  turbine. In this article Ed Austin from our Oxford office explores and summarises the various definitions that exist for micro-turbines, outlines what guidance there is for larger scale turbines (including Natural England’s recently reissued TIN051¹) that may be broadly applicable in certain circumstances, and highlights the importance of getting good ecological advice for micro-turbine schemes where potential ecological impacts have been raised as a particular concern.

[1] Natural England Technical Information Note TIN051. Bats and onshore wind turbines Interim guidance. Second edition 29 February 2012. http://publications.naturalengland.org.uk/publication/35010?category=31008

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Categories: Bats, Planning advice, Protected species, Renewable energy