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Round-leaved sundew - Owain Gabb. Principal Ecologist Wednesday June 27th, 2012

BSG Ecology’s Facebook Site

BSG has over 30 full time ecologists, many of whom spend considerable amounts of their spare time, as well as their work hours, surveying, recording and photographing wildlife in the UK and abroad.  This interest helps us to refine our survey skills and keep up to date with developments in the ecology world, and our Facebook site provides a forum to share photographs, highlight conservation issues and draw people’s attention to what they can see at certain times of year.


So far this year we have published Facebook articles and photo albums on subjects as diverse as a long running study  of pied flycatchers in Wales, great crested newts, pearl-bordered fritillaries, raptor migration in Southern Spain, violet sea snails, oil beetles and plants of limestone walls.  On average we post a new album every 7-10 days.



If you are interested in these sorts of subjects or would like to see some recent photographs by BSG staff, please visit our Facebook site here.




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