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Some of our more interesting and challenging projects are summarised below. They demonstrate application of our experience to a wide range of situations.

  • Ecological Advice to Oxford City Council

    BSG Ecology has provided ecological advice and services to Oxford City Council (OCC) on a range of projects. In our work with OCC we have identified the scope of surveys required, to ensure that work undertaken subsequently is driven by planning policy and legislative requirements. Three examples of our involvement with OCC are described below.

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  • Spittal Masterplan

    The Sandstell Point area of Spittal, near Berwick upon Tweed, is a large brownfield site that has a long history of industrial use and fishing-related industry. The site, which has been unoccupied for many years, was identified as a prime site for the regeneration of the Spittal area. Whilst considered to be of strategic importance, its location adjacent to the River Tweed Estuary Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and the Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast SAC presented considerable challenges.

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  • Mepal Quarry 3CROP
  • Former Aggregates Site; Restoration Project, East Anglia

    The former sand quarry site is located within the Fenland of Cambridgeshire. Aggregate extraction ceased across the site several decades ago and it is still owned by a leading aggregate manufacturing company. In recent years the site has been leased by a motorcross operator who is seeking to continue using the site as it represents one of the best motorcross surfaces in the UK.

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  • WatervolePicCROP
  • River Leen Nottinghamshire – Mitigation for Water Vole and White Clawed Crayfish

    To the north of the City of Nottingham subsidence from former deep coal mining lowered the bed of the River Leen. This caused localised flooding of a former mill that had been converted into a residential property. As a result International Mining Consultants Ltd commissioned BSG Ecology to provide ecological advice on how best to re-grade the river whilst protecting and maintaining its ecological value.

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  • St Marys Hospital
  • Bat Mitigation Solutions at St Mary’s Hospital

    In 2007 Bellway Homes and Rivergreen Developments were given the go-ahead by the Government for the construction of a ‘business village’ .BSG Ecology was appointed by Bellway Homes to carry out comprehensive bat surveys to inform an ecological impact assessment (EcIA) for the proposed development.

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  • GarregLwydCrop
  • Garreg Lwyd Hill Wind Farm Public Inquiry: Bats and other Protected Species

    A planning application for a wind farm at Garreg Lwyd Hill near Llanbadarn Fynydd (Powys) was submitted to Powys County Council in 2008. A separate application was submitted for highways upgrades and associated works to facilitate access to the wind farm. In response to consultee feedback on the Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA), Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI), including ecology, was provided for each application.
    Both applications were refused and then appealed by the developer, Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Ltd. A Public Inquiry took place in October 2014. A decision is expected in 2015.

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