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Our Lady of the Wayside Primary School

BREEAM & Code for Sustainable Homes

A key element of BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) is the calculation of the change in ecological value of a site and measures to enhance its ecology value. BSG Ecology provides Suitably Qualified Ecologists (SQEs) to advise on native planting, species mixes and management regimes that can be employed to maximise the number of credits achievable under the ecology criteria of each scheme.

Consultancy Services

BSG Ecology provides BREEAM and CfSH support to public and private sector clients. Our consultancy services include:

  • Design and completion of Phase 1 Habitat Surveys to identify the existing interest of the site
  • Advice on the number of credits available under the relevant ecology criteria
  • Advice on how to maximize the number of attainable credits; typical measures include:
    • Protection of ecological features
    • Recommendations to enhance the biodiversity value of the site, using measures appropriate to the scheme including planting schemes
    • Completion of desk-based studies and consultation
    • Advice on legal protection afforded to protected species
    • Advice on protection afforded to Species and Habitats of Principal Importance
    • Stakeholder liaison

Related Services

We also provide the following related services:

  • Phase 1 habitat surveys and appraisals of habitats, communities and plant species located within proposed development sites
  • Preparation of method statements to ensure legal compliance, avoidance and mitigation of impacts as part of good design and at the implementation stage
  • Provision of tool box talks to communicate biodiversity requirements clearly to site personnel in advance of construction commencing at a scheme
  • Ecological supervision

Project examples and professional references can be provided on request.