Arboriculture – A new service for BSG Ecology

Arboriculture – A new service for BSG Ecology

BSG Ecology is delighted to announce that we now offer arboriculture to complement our existing ecology consultancy.  This new service is led by our senior arboriculture consultant Darryl Birch MArborA. Darryl has 8 years’ experience in providing arboricultural consultancy, and has experience of applying his expertise in a range of conservation projects.

Darryl is also an experienced ecologist and holds a level 2 Natural England survey licence for bats, meaning we are able to offer co-ordinated advice which we believe will be a great advantage to our clients.  This is complemented by BSG Ecology licensed bat ecologists across the practice who are formally qualified to carry out aerial assessments of trees.

Over the past 21 years BSG Ecology has established a solid reputation in delivering high quality consultancy advice and we will apply this approach to our new service.  If we can help you with any of your projects please contact Darryl Birch on 07741 166104 or

For further information please see our Arboriculture service page.

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