Bat Conservation Trust re-launch Bat Roost Award

Bat Conservation Trust re-launch Bat Roost Award

The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) have re-launched the Roost Awards to promote best practice bat roost mitigation and enhancement. The BCT are inviting entries of case studies which demonstrate best practice in surveys / initial data collection, design and planning, monitoring and lessons learned / remedial action taken.

BSG Ecology was delighted to win the previous Roost Award for our work at Totterdown Farm Barns in Gloucestershire.

At Totterdown Farm Barns we recorded the presence of a maternity roost of Natterer’s bats during pre-conversion survey work.  In order to allow the barn conversion to proceed whilst protecting the bat roost, a European Protected Species (EPS) licence was secured and the barn was modified to create a dedicated bat loft in the location of the retained roost. The remaining parts of the barn were developed for residential use. As part of the EPS licence, a three year monitoring programme was developed to assess the success of the mitigation. The results showed that the maternity roost re-formed during each year of monitoring, in similar numbers to those recorded pre-conversion.

BCT said “The judges were impressed by the sensitive nature with which the works were carried out to avoid disturbing bats and how the building was designed to accommodate both the bats and people in a variety of ways.”

Further information on the Roost Awards is available here: BCT Roost Awards 2020

A full case study of the Totterdown Farm Barns project can be found here: Totterdown Farm Barns: Bat Mitigation

If you would like to discuss bat surveys, licencing and mitigation on your project please contact one of our offices.



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