Bat Migration Talk at Sandwich Bay

Bat Migration Talk at Sandwich Bay

Last night Laura Grant from  BSG Ecology’s Oxford office gave a talk entitled “An  Introduction to Bat Migration” to members of the Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory. Although parts of Sandwich were being evacuated due to the tidal surge forecast at 1am, in true British spirit, around 40 people made their way through road blockades (installed to provide emergency flood defences) to get to the talk.

The talk provided an  introduction to bats and what is known of their migratory behaviour, with a focus on Europe. It also provided a summary of the results of our study at Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory and two other Kent locations. Between April and November 2013 a minimum of 8 species of bat were recorded at Sandwich Bay which included Nathusius’ pipistrelle, a known migrant in mainland Europe, for which there were interesting seasonal patterns of occurrence noted. The talk was well received and there were lots of interesting questions throughout the night. Laura would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that braved the storm for attending!

The report on which the presentation was based can be found below.

Kent Bat Migration Study

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