Bat use of intertidal habitats in Swansea Bay

Bat use of intertidal habitats in Swansea Bay

During 2015 BSG Ecology provided training and technical support to three Swansea University Master of Science students. This enabled them to complete research on the use of sandy and rocky shore habitats within Swansea Bay by bats. During the project BSG staff gave an initial briefing, assisted in survey design and on transect work, provided equipment and technical support in the use of Analook (for data analysis) and GIS.

BSG Ecology was keen to assist with the research due to our history with the university (we have previously assisted with research work and employ several former Swansea University students), due to links to our bat migration research, and because of the lack of records of bats held by the South East Wales Biological Records Centre (SEWBREC) for the area.

A summary of their project work, written by two of the students, Daniel Hulmes and Tom Hough, can be found below. The final reports can be supplied by the University on request, and the field data should be received by SEWBREC before the end of the calendar year.

Coastal habitat use by bat species – Daniel Hulmes and Tom Hough

The partnership was facilitated by the Access to Masters initiative, which is backed by the European Social Fund.

For further information about the work, please contact Rachel Taylor in our Newport office – 01633 509000

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