BREEAM Ecology New Construction 2018 Guidance

BREEAM Ecology New Construction 2018 Guidance

BSG Ecology is delighted to be able to offer support to clients who are looking to undertake BREEAM Ecology assessments using the New Construction 2018 Guidance. Although the 2018 guidance has taken some time to filter into common usage (as many well established projects have been able to work to 2014 guidance), we have now had the opportunity to apply the 2018 Land Use and Ecology criteria to a number of projects in both England and Wales.

In terms of biodiversity, the 2018 guidance puts more emphasis on the following in meeting criteria and earning BREEAM credits:

  • Understanding the ecological baseline of the site and the potential for development to impact upon this (positively and negatively)
  • Demonstrable adoption of the mitigation hierarchy (avoid first, reduce second, and compensate as necessary)
  • Rewarding measures that deliver for biodiversity
  • Managing and maintaining new and existing ecological features

If you would like an early indication of the number of credits likely to be attainable for each of the Land Use and Ecology sections, based on your development plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to read more about our Ecology BREEAM services, please see our BREEAM service page.

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