Biodiversity Net Gain – Essential knowledge for developers

Biodiversity Net Gain – Essential knowledge for developers

Steve Betts, BSG Ecology Partner, led a biodiversity offsetting and net gain seminar to a large audience of developers and planning consultants in Newcastle on 27 February 2019.

A key aim of the session was to share learning and promote good practice. The session set out a brief history of biodiversity offsetting and net gain in England and provided an overview of planning policy, which currently varies both locally and nationally.

Steve reviewed how net gain policies are being implemented and provided advice on its implications for development planning, such as planning for the delivery of ecological compensation and enhancement at an early stage, and ensuring that there is sufficient land or a suitable delivery mechanism to achieve the net gain requirement.

The seminar was very well received. Mark Gabriele, Senior Planning Manager at Bellway Homes Limited (North East), provided the following feedback: “A highly informative and worthwhile seminar covering a very relevant issue. I was particularly impressed by BSG’s focus on the commercial implications of net gain, for housebuilders and developers alike.”

Biodiversity net gain is a rapidly developing policy area and having a good understanding of the likely requirements of net gain will be advantageous to businesses involved in development, particularly planning consultants and housing developers.

BSG Ecology has extensive experience in helping clients understand and navigate their way through net gain policy requirements: we have an excellent understanding of the policy basis for net gain, how this varies across the UK, biodiversity offsetting metric calculators, and how to manage net gain requirements.

If you would like further information please contact us: Steve Betts 0191 303 8964, Kirsty Kirkham 01433 651869 or Peter Shepherd 01865 883833.

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