BSG Ecology Thermal Imaging Footage featured by NHBS

BSG Ecology Thermal Imaging Footage featured by NHBS

At BSG, we regularly use thermal imaging technology to supplement more standard methods of data collection, and answer questions that need to be addressed in Ecological Impact Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment work. In some circumstances, it can provide a more robust evidence base for our clients’ projects. The value of thermal imaging in wildlife recording has been recognised by NHBS, the largest supplier of wildlife, ecology and conservation books and equipment in Europe, who have used footage provided by BSG in their latest article entitled ‘NHBS Guide to Night Vision and Thermal Optics.’ Most of this footage has been collected in the course of commercial work.

The types of projects we have used thermal imaging to inform, and the ways in which we have used it include:

  • Understanding nocturnal displacement distances of golden plover around operational wind farms
  • Recording nightjar flight height and foraging behaviour over pasture land adjacent to breeding habitats in commercial plantation (also in relation to wind farms)
  • Understanding the numbers of bats using linear features such as hedgerows for commuting, and identifying whether they will cross open ground where there are breaks in hedgerow cover (in relation to infrastructure projects)
  • Identifying bat roosts, and accurately recording the number of bats emerging from them (in relation to various heritage, residential and leisure projects in particular).

BSG Ecology owns a number of high-specification thermal imaging cameras for carrying out ecological survey, and staff have received professional training in their use. As part of our service our staff can advise on the circumstances in which this technology will significantly inform the planning process.

For further information about our thermal imaging capability see our service page: Thermal Imaging for Ecology 

To see a range of footage collected by BSG Ecology, please visit our You Tube channel.

The NHBS article can be read here: NHBS Guide to Night Vision and Thermal Optics.

If you would like to discuss the use of thermal imaging on a project please contact one of our offices.


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