BSG presents Bats and Wind Farms paper to the IEEM autumn conference

BSG presents Bats and Wind Farms paper to the IEEM autumn conference

The recent autumn IEEM conference in Cardiff (7-8 November) had a theme of ‘Renewable Energy and Biodiversity Impacts’. Senior Ecologist Matt Hobbs gave a presentation on applying the BCT Guidance on surveying for bats at onshore wind farms, for which he is the lead author. The presentation introduced and set out the rationale of the guidance, as well as some of the detailed methods that it includes. More challenging issues were also tackled, such as when to collect data at height and when and how to correlate weather data to recorded bat activity, to inform wind farm curtailment schemes. The slides are available on the IEEM website.

Two other presentations about issues surrounding bats and wind farms are available at the link given above. Kirsty Parks of Stirling University presented the preliminary results of an ongoing PhD study into the effects of small turbines on bats and birds. The first paper from this study is available below.

Minderman, J. Pendlebury, C. Pearce-Higgins, J. Park, K. Experimental Evidence for the Effect of Small Wind Turbine Proximity and Operation on Bird and Bat Activity

Fiona Matthews of Exeter University also presented preliminary results of an ongoing study into the effects of large wind turbines on bats.

The presentation reflects our interest and continued involvement in a rapidly developing and complex area of ecological impact assessment. If you would like to know more about some of the self-funded studies and related projects that we are involved with, please get in touch with one of our offices, or drop us a line at

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