Creating a Culture of Health and Safety in Ecological Consultancy

Creating a Culture of Health and Safety in Ecological Consultancy

BSG Ecology Director of Health and Safety Richard Wilks has recently completed an internal programme of training aimed at further developing the health and safety culture of the company.

Richard’s training included examples from a variety of industries that demonstrated that irrespective of the quality of systems, not all risks can be engineered out of the work environment. To minimise the risk of incidents occurring at BSG Ecology, it is therefore important to build on our systems and the training we provide to foster a staff culture in which individuals see the health and safety of themselves and of others as a core element of their job, an area in which they set themselves high standards, and in which they expect high standards from their colleagues.

Over the years, BSG Ecology has invested considerable time in developing robust safe working procedures and internal processes for assessing and mitigating risk associated with all of our site and office-based work. In conjunction with this we provide training to staff that starts at induction, and continues through industry standard UKATA training,  internally-delivered bespoke training courses and e-Learning. Through the training delivered by Richard, and attended by all staff, regular communication and discussion of health and safety in the Senior Management Group and at office meetings we feel we are making very good progress in engraining a health and safety culture within the organisation. The next step in this continuous improvement process is to become individual health and safety leaders who apply learning instinctively to novel situations, minimising the level of risk in the workplace through actions borne out of our culture.

Richard Wilks said, “The cultural training was very positively received. BSG has always been proactive in terms of developing robust processes for minimising risk to staff, and the level of engagement with the training indicates an existing positive health and safety culture that we can continue to build on going forward”

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