Feed-in Tariff Single Wind Turbine Developments

Feed-in Tariff Single Wind Turbine Developments

The UK Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT), an initiative to provide incentives to people who generate renewable energy to feed some of the electricity back into the National Grid, has generated a lot of interest amongst developers and landowners. In particular, single wind turbine developments are now proving to be very popular but, as with any development, the erection of even a single wind turbine can potentially have impacts on the environment, including ecology.

BSG is involved in a large number of single wind turbine projects, identifying their potential ecological impacts and, where necessary, providing advice on overcoming ecological obstacles to gaining planning permission. The ecological impacts of single wind turbine developments require careful thought as most of the accepted guidance relates to larger wind farm projects, and is generally too onerous for small FIT projects. On the other hand it is too simplistic to assume that all single turbine proposals will be trouble-free! Much depends on the sensitivity of the site, but a pragmatic interpretation of available guidance is usually justified.

We are applying our collective expertise and experience, gained from work on over 50 multiple turbine schemes and 15 single turbine schemes, to develop project-specific advice for clients of all types.

If you have plans for a FIT single turbine development, or any other terrestrial renewable project, we would be delighted to discuss its ecological implications with you.

Your local office contacts are:

Newcastle:  Steve Betts

Derbyshire: Guy Miller

Wales: Owain Gabb

Oxford: Dr Peter Shepherd

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