First BatCams Distributed

First BatCams Distributed

The first batch of the CIEEM Award-winning BatCam will be distributed to consultants and research bodies this week. The aim of this initial distribution run (of Beta units) will be to secure performance feedback that we can use to help refine the product further, ahead of entering discussions with commercial suppliers that should result in it becoming available more widely.

The camera has the potential to deliver more robust survey of potential roost features in a cost-effective manner, benefiting commercial developers and their consultants, conservation stakeholders and bats through informing mitigation and licensing, and making bat issues more accessible and relatable, as evidence of survey outcomes can be presented and viewed. In the relatively near future, the camera (or a successor to it) could be widely adopted to inform impact assessments and conservation projects.

The BatCam won the Best Practice Innovation Award at the CIEEM Awards 2022.

An article outlining the development of the camera and how it can be effectively used has been published in Volume 3 of British Islands Bats, and can be accessed here: BatCam: a novel trail camera for detecting tree roosting bats

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