Implementation of the British Standard (BS) 42020

Implementation of the British Standard (BS) 42020

BSG Ecology has taken steps to ensure that we incorporate guidance from BS42020:2013, the Code of Practice for Planning and Development, within the delivery of our day-to-day work.   The responsibility for the successful delivery of the British Standard guidance lies with all parties involved with ecology in the planning system.

BS42020 is intended “to assist those concerned with ecological issues as they arise through the planning process and in matters relating to consented development and activities involved in the management and use of land outside the scope of land use planning, which could have site specific ecological implications.” British Standards Institute, 2013

Greg Chamberlain of our Glasgow office rolled out a briefing session to all staff across the practice to show how we already meet many of the BS requirements and how we shall continue to demonstrate good practice in our work.  We examined how our clients can make the most of the British Standard guidance and how local planning authorities are embracing its requirements in their pre-application advice on ecology.

Case studies were used throughout the briefing sessions, to illustrate how BS42020 provides:

  • Guidance on how to produce clear and concise ecological information to accompany planning applications and cross referenced with CIEEM report writing standards
  • Recommendations on professional ethics, conduct, competence and judgement to give confidence that proposals for biodiversity conservation, and consequent decisions/actions taken, are sound and appropriate
  • Direction on effective decision-making in biodiversity management
  • A clear framework to demonstrate how biodiversity has been managed during the development process to minimise impact.

It is anticipated that BS42020 will be increasingly used by decision makers particularly where in-house ecological expertise is limited within local planning authorities or where statutory agencies are overstretched and we are ready to assist our clients in delivering clear, concise and evidence based advice.

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