Increasing people’s connection with nature: Nature Led Green Recovery and the nature contact continuum

Increasing people’s connection with nature: Nature Led Green Recovery and the nature contact continuum

BSG’s Director Dr Peter Shepherd, Rebecca Wrigley Chief Executive of Rewilding Britain and Ian Houlston Associate Director at LDA Design were invited to speak at the Landscape Institute’s Greener Recovery Festival on the subject of a Nature led Green Recovery on 25th March.

The session was led by Rebecca Wrigley who provided an overview of rewilding philosophy (Think Big Act Wild) and how it can make a major contribution to nature recovery and provide new opportunities for rural economies. She also made the case for allowing nature to thrive in more artificial situations encouraging the restoration of natural processes and systems in a variety of circumstances.

Rebecca was followed by a joint presentation by Peter Shepherd and Ian Houlston who discussed the importance of pursuing a Nature Led Recovery at all scales, from doorstep to mountain, and providing opportunities for regular contact with nature for everyone. Peter and Ian set out their approach founded on a nature contact continuum which recognises that even the simplest contact with nature, sparrows in the garden, exploration in wilder spaces to full emersion in natural habitats is important and can enhance our quality of life.

Peter highlighted five subjects and themes that are going to challenge our ability to deliver nature recovery:

  • Land and community – Nature Led recovery will require access to land on which new habitats and environmental infrastructure can be built.
  • Multi-layered nature – no niche is too small – Effective nature recovery should promote nature at all scales to build the nature contact continuum.
  • Political will to deliver on the promises made – The government has set the 25 Year Environment Plan but is there the will to implement change to ensure Nature Led Recovery?
  • The dangers of timidity and speed of change – Delivering significant change for the environment needs to be ambitious and rapid.

The discussion concluded with a recognition of the opportunity presented by the current awareness of the climate and biodiversity crises and the importance of grasping it to make desperately needed change and nature recovery.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities for Nature Led Recovery or biodiversity gain on your project please contact one of our offices.

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