Investing in Staff Wellbeing: Mental Health First Aid Training

Investing in Staff Wellbeing: Mental Health First Aid Training

Over the past six months all BSG Ecology’s Directors have attended a two-day course on Mental Health First Aid Training.

The role of a Mental Health First Aider in the workplace is to act as a go to person for any staff member experiencing a mental health issue, and direct them towards the resources or professional help they need.

Mental Health issues are very common; almost half of all adults consider they have had a mental disorder at some point in their lives, and it is therefore inevitable that issues will be detected in the workplace from time to time. It follows that employers need to make themselves aware of common mental illnesses if they are to play their part in preventing them escalating into more serious issues.

Mental Health First Aid training provides insight into how to approach, assess and assist a person with a potential mental health issue. Once a conversation has been initiated, this involves listening and communicating non-judgementally, providing support and information, and encouraging them to seek professional help, the support of family, friends and colleagues (as appropriate) or to implement self-help strategies. Various group exercises and videos are used to provide examples of how this general approach can be adapted to fit different scenarios, and to allow attendees to become more familiar and comfortable with asking questions and providing initial advice.

For BSG Ecology, the outcome is that the learning gained from the course will be used to further develop our company mental health and wellbeing policy and to ensure our company mental health action plan, which aims to ensure a working environment conducive to mental wellbeing, is fully effective.

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