Matt Hobbs to Speak at IEEM Autumn Conference (7th November)

Matt Hobbs to Speak at IEEM Autumn Conference (7th November)

Senior Ecologist Matt Hobbs will present a talk to the IEEM Autumn Conference in Cardiff on the subject of the Bat Conservation Trust’s onshore wind farm guidance.  Matt’s talk will take place on Wednesday 7 November, and is entitled “Bat Surveys for Wind Farms – Best Practice.”

In March 2012, the Bat Conservation Trust published the second edition of their Bat Survey Guidelines including a chapter on surveying for bats at proposed onshore wind turbine development sites. This guidance has been endorsed by statutory nature conservation consultees and is now widely regarded as the industry standard.

Matt is the lead author of the chapter on bats and wind farms. The presentation will aim to provide an overview of why specific guidance was needed for wind farms, survey effort for bats in relation to wind farms and the flexibility for ecologists to adapt their methods. It will also focus on how the guidance can contribute to robust and defensible ecological assessment.

For advice on any ecological issues relating to wind farms, please contact one of our offices.


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