Monitoring Demonstrates the Success of Bat Mitigation

Monitoring Demonstrates the Success of Bat Mitigation

BSG Ecology has recently provided support to Ford and Etal Estates with regard to the renovation of estate cottages in the village of Ford, Northumberland. An initial appraisal suggested the cottages provided good roosting opportunities for bats due to both their age and setting.  Bat surveys then found small bat roosts in a number of the cottages, and that one supported a maternity roosts of 270 soprano pipistrelle bats and 57 brown long-eared bats.

Following planning permission being received, a European Protected Species development licence was obtained from Natural England to cover the renovation, and we worked with the estate, the planning consultants and the building contractor to design a package of measures to ensure the protection of the bats / their roosts.  Consequently the renovation work involved the reinstatement of the original roost sites with new access points, all of which was completed between the end of the bat breeding season and the anticipated return of the maternity colony in the spring.

Monitoring completed in July 2020 confirmed that both the soprano pipistrelle and brown long-eared roosts had re-established.  Use of a thermal camera revealed that the bats were utilising the roost areas using the access points that had been provided.  Overall the package of mitigation measures that have been employed have been a great success thanks to the efforts of a great design and construction team.

The footage below captures some of the soprano pipistrelle bats emerging from the maternity roost using purposely-designed access points under the eaves.

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