Motion-activated Camera Footage of Bechstein’s Bat

Motion-activated Camera Footage of Bechstein’s Bat

This footage of Bechstein’s bats at a tree roost in Gloucestershire was captured by BSG Principal Ecologist Gareth Lang.

The camera was installed on 2 September 2020 and recorded for ten nights. On the first few nights no bats used the tree for roosting. Over the following nights bats were seen (often clumsily) landing on the tree close to the entrance hole. Subsequently they used the tree in excellent numbers, with 37 roosting in it on 8 September and a peak of 39 bats present on 9 September.

These results illustrate how hit and miss standard ‘snapshot’ surveys of tree roost features can be.

The footage was captured using a motion-sensitive infrared camera designed by Gareth. The camera stores video footage captured before it is triggered by motion to ensure that rapid action events (such as emerging bats) are fully recorded. BSG Ecology will be supplementing standard survey effort with camera technology wherever possible to improve the reliability of survey conclusions.

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