MPA’s ‘Quarries & Nature 2017 – ‘Appreciating Assets’ event

MPA’s ‘Quarries & Nature 2017 – ‘Appreciating Assets’ event

BSG Ecology Partner Steven Betts attended the MPA’s ‘Quarries & Nature 2017 – ‘Appreciating Assets’ event, which was hosted by BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today presenter Sybil Ruscoe, on Thursday 19 October at The Royal Society, London.  The event was attended by a range of environmental and conservation organisations as well as industry operators to celebrate the industry’s contribution to nature conservation.

The event included a range of presentations on topics that sought to encourage the industry to build upon it’s current commitment to nature conservation.  The event also showcased some of the best examples of quarry restoration and wildlife conservation and these were celebrated through the MPA’s Restoration and Biodiversity Awards.

It is evident that the minerals industry recognises the opportunities that its’ sites provide for nature conservation net gain.  This includes a willingness to work with the ecological sector to find innovative ways to deliver benefits for nature conservation.  Importantly some operators are looking beyond the site level, recognising that their activities provide an opportunity to deliver large-scale benefits in line with the Lawton Review’s desire to do more ‘bigger, better and more joined up’.

The National Planning Policy Framework advocates ‘moving from a net loss of bio-diversity to achieving net gains for nature’ and this event highlighted the opportunities that the industry presents for achieving such gains.  Importantly the industry recognises that it has an important role to play in helping to deliver net gain, and this is complemented by a real desire to be the UK’s leading industry in this area.

BSG Ecology has and continues to work with the industry on a number of projects helping to protect and enhance biodiversity, and is currently working on some exciting projects involving the protection and creation of some of the UK’s most important habitats.  If BSG Ecology can help you with your minerals projects please contact Steven Betts on 0191 303 8964 / 07773 795789.

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