Oxwich Marsh Ringing Report 2016

Oxwich Marsh Ringing Report 2016

Bird ringing has been conducted at Oxwich Marsh by Gower Ringing Group since February 2013.

This is co-ordinated by Owain Gabb, a licensed bird ringer and trainer based in our Swansea Office.

The marsh is managed by Natural Resources Wales, and habitats include open water, reed bed, wet woodland and species-rich grassland to the landward side of an extensive area of sand dunes and open sandy foreshore. The entire area is notified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

During 2015 over 3,600 birds were processed at Oxwich, including large numbers of finches, swallows and reed bed warblers, as well as smaller numbers of passage migrants such as redstart, tree pipit, lesser whitethroat, yellow-browed warbler and firecrest.

In 2016 a substantial proportion of the costs of rings and seed (for a feeding station) were covered by a Gower Society grant, for which the ringing group was extremely grateful.

The 2016 Oxwich Marsh ringing report can be found below:

Oxwich Marsh Ringing Report 2016


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