Oxwich Marsh Ringing Report 2018

Oxwich Marsh Ringing Report 2018

Bird ringing has been conducted at Oxwich Marsh by Gower Ringing Group since February 2013.

This is co-ordinated by Owain Gabb, a licensed bird ringer and trainer based in our Swansea Office.

The marsh is managed by Natural Resources Wales, and habitats include open water, reed bed, wet woodland and species-rich grassland to the landward side of an extensive area of sand dunes and open sandy foreshore. The entire area is notified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

During 2018 almost 3,900 birds were processed at Oxwich. Highlights were a between winter recapture of common snipe (demonstrating site fidelity), an eight year old reed warbler, a young willow tit (showing a population persists locally) and four yellow-browed warblers in October.

In 2018 a substantial proportion of the costs of rings and seed (for a feeding station) were covered by a Gower Society grant, for which the ringing group was extremely grateful.

The 2018 Oxwich Marsh ringing report can be found below:

Oxwich Marsh ringing report 2018


If you have any queries about ornithological survey work, please get in touch with Owain Gabb: 01792 363026


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