Adela Nistora | GIS Consultant | Oxford

Adela Nistora_B&W

Adela joined BSG Ecology in March 2020.

Adela has a BA in Geography and English, an MSc in Environmental Management, and an MSc in Geographical Information Science and Earth Observation for Environmental Modelling and Natural Resource Management. For her geospatial thesis, she mapped and quantified potential impacts of sea-level rise inundation on the coast of South-East England, including impacts on protected areas.

Adela has a considerable, wide-ranging experience working with environmental spatial data. This includes time spent with the European Commission in Brussels providing support to agri-environment-climate and other rural development measures; mapping land-use/land-cover changes for research on climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation at the University of the Azores; and doing laboratory-based environmental research at a European centre in Aix-en-Provence. Adela has also worked as a GIS Technician within Dorset Council.

Adela has won multiple awards for her photography at (predominantly) environmental photography competitions. She has lived, studied and worked in six countries, and spent more than four years volunteering for environmental causes. In her spare time, Adela contributes to Humanitarian OpenStreetMap / Missing Maps projects as a remote mapping volunteer. Adela has a particular interest in identifying solutions to the climate and ecological crises, and takes daily action to minimise her environmental footprint and live sustainably.

Oxford | 01865 883833