Alan Salkilld | Senior Ecologist | Newcastle


Alan joined BSG Ecology in 2007 following his graduation from Newcastle University in May 2007.

Alan has managed a wide range of projects which have included baseline surveys, data analysis, interpretation and presentation and ecological impact assessment, pre- and post-development species monitoring , development and implementation of impact mitigation and compensation proposals.

Alan has a wide range of experience in carrying out Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and the assessment of habitats for a range of protected species. Alan has experience of surveying for protected species, including great crested newt, reptiles, badgers, red squirrel, otter, bats and birds. Alan holds both Natural England and Scottish Natural Heritage survey licences for bats and has undertaken bat surveys at a wide range of sites throughout England and Scotland.

Alan also holds a Natural England Class Survey Licence for great crested newts, and he has worked on a range of projects where the presence of this species has presented a constraint to development. In addition he has prepared applications for European Protected Species Licence applications for a number of developments where bats have been identified as an issue.

Alan has experience of working with clients on a range of Ecological Impact Assessment based projects to develop realistic, cost-effective and pragmatic measures to mitigate impacts. These have allowed the resolution of issues relating to a range of sensitive receptors, including protected species, habitats and sites. Examples include mitigating the loss of bat foraging and commuting habitat at proposed wind farm sites and compensating for the loss of bats roosts at proposed residential development sites. Alan has experience in schemes requiring consideration of badgers, including the development of safe working procedures in proximity to badger sett locations and has secured a licence from Natural England to permit the closure of badger setts.

Alan has a good working knowledge of nature conservation legislation and policy, and its practical application in the UK and Eire. He also has a good understanding of the requirements of the Scottish Planning Policy and the National Planning Policy Framework.

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