Ciara Santos | GIS Techncian

Ciara Santos

Ciara joined BSG Ecology in August 2022.

Prior to joining BSG, Ciara was a Research Assistant at Swansea University where she worked within a multidisciplinary team on a green infrastructure project, which focused on the geographical region of Neath Port Talbot, South Wales. During this role, Ciara used an integrated method of stakeholder engagement and GIS modelling to inform capital works within a urban park, with the aim of improving of it’s overall biodiversity value.

Ciara has over 5 years of experience using GIS to analyse, manipulate and present large datasets, including studies on vegetation rehabilitation, wind turbine impact, and the risk of landslides.

Ciara has experience of habitat enhancement and conservation as a volunteer for the National Trust across Gower, which included tasks such as gorse removal, tree planting and the clearance of invasive non-native aquatic plants.

Ciara has a BSc in Physical Geography and an MSc in Geographic Information and Climate Change from Swansea University. GIS was a key aspect of both courses and played a vital role in Ciara’s MSc dissertation, which was based on the use of remotely sensed NDVI data to assess vegetation rehabilitation on an abandoned metalliferous mine, in Aberystwyth.