Dr Peter Shepherd | Director | Oxford

Dr Peter Shepherd

Peter has worked as a professional ecologist since 1989. He has worked in the voluntary and private sectors in the UK and abroad. His specialist areas are urban ecology, habitat creation, management and rehabilitation, ecological and policy research and protected species work. Peter’s PhD research is recognised as a key study of urban plant communities in the UK. Peter has undertaken surveys under licence for protected and declining species such as great crested newts, badgers, bats, reptiles and water voles. He holds a bat roost visitor licence for all counties of England and is a licensed bat worker trainer. He has designed and implemented a wide range of bat mitigation projects.

Peter has undertaken research for various UK government departments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. His research has included the preparation of cost estimates for the implementation of UK Biodiversity Action Plans, and the value of brownfield habitats for invertebrates.

Peter has undertaken consultancy work for a range of clients including central government agencies, local authorities and numerous private sector organisations. He has prepared ecology chapters for environmental statements on a number of projects and regularly works within consultant teams on large-scale development projects. He has appeared at several public inquiries and has presented numerous papers to local, national and international conferences.

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