Emily Moore | Ecologist | Derbyshire


Emily joined BSG Ecology in March 2017 as an ecologist and is based in the Hathersage office. She holds a BSc in Ecology from the University of Sheffield. Emily’s work includes protected species survey, extended phase 1 habitat survey and assisting with mitigation projects. Emily is also involved in the preparation of fee proposals, biological impact assessments, BREEAM reports and management plans.

Emily holds a Level 1 Natural England Survey Class licence for great crested newts and also has experience of carrying out surveys for bats, reptiles, badger, otter and water vole. She has also been involved in bat, reptile, badger and great crested newt mitigation projects.

Emily also has a Level 2 Natural England Survey Class licence for bats. She gained the experience for her licence through her professional experience and also through her work with the Essex, Hertfordshire and Derbyshire Bat Groups. Emily has been involved in radio-tracking for the Nathusius’ pipistrelle monitoring project for the Essex Bat Group. She has also recently returned from a 3 month sabbatical trip to Eastern and Southern Africa, which included two weeks of volunteering with an NGO called African Bat Conservation in Malawi. Whilst there, she took part in the harp trapping, mist netting and handling of a number of different African bat species. She was involved in the tracking of the migration of African straw-coloured bats through Malawi, the largest mammal migration in the world, to learn more about the foraging and roosting behaviour of this species. She also took part in outreach programs to educate the general public about the benefits of healthy bat populations for both humans and biodiversity as a whole.

Derbyshire | 01433 651869