Gemma Cone | Senior Ecologist | Newcastle


Gemma has worked in ecology since 2015 and joined BSG Ecology in 2021. Prior to joining BSG Ecology she worked for ecological consultancies both in the North-East and in the Midlands.

Gemma’s experience covers a wide range of terrestrial ecology and protected species work including bats, reptiles, badger, great crested newt, otter and water vole. She holds a Natural England Level 2 Class Licence for bats, Natural England and Natural Resources Wales licences for great crested newts and is a qualified tree climber.

Gemma has been involved in the development of mitigation for protected species, including preparation of Natural England European Protected Species Mitigation (EPSM) licences for bats and great crested newts. She has also provided input into DEFRA 2.0 net gain metrics, involving close collaboration with clients to increase the biodiversity value of sites.

Prior to becoming an ecological consultant Gemma’s academic and research background was in marine biology. She completed her undergraduate degree in marine biology at Liverpool University and a master’s degree in marine science and fisheries at the University of Aberdeen.

Newcastle | 0191 3038964