James Garside | Senior Ecologist | Newport


James joined BSG Ecology in March 2017.

James’ role involves a wide range of protected species survey, management of projects across a variety of sectors and production of written deliverables including technical reports, Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, ecological inputs to Construction Environmental Management Plans, Habitat Management Plans and fee proposals.

James is an accomplished field ornithologist and birdwatcher of more than fifteen years, capable of identifying most European species by sight or sound. He is experienced in vantage point survey (which he frequently conducts at proposed and operational wind farm sites throughout Wales), and breeding bird survey. James also carries out upland breeding raptor and wader walkover surveys and winter farmland bird surveys, and has conducted a range of specialist ornithological survey for species including black grouse, goshawk, honey buzzard, peregrine and nightjar. His work involves regular extended Phase 1 habitat survey, and survey of a variety of protected species, particularly; great crested newts (for which he holds a level 1 Natural Resources Wales survey class licence), bats and reptiles (including common lizard and slow-worm translocations). He also has experience in dormouse, otter and water vole survey, and frequently works alongside contractors in an Ecological Clerk of Works role.

James undertakes annual breeding bird surveys for the BTO in the Welsh uplands, and conducts wetland bird survey for NRW at their Newport Wetlands reserve. Previously James has surveyed a range of species and genera including bearded tits, shrill carder-bees and butterflies. He has a BSc degree in Zoology from Swansea University where he undertook a dissertation project entitled ‘Bird movements in the area of the proposed tidal lagoon, Swansea Bay’, looking primarily at the movements of gulls using radar technology.

Newport | 01633 509000