Joseph Bishop | Ecologist | Oxford


Joe joined BSG Ecology in March 2018. He has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental and Countryside Management from the University of Reading, and an MSc in Ecological Applications from Imperial College London.  His MSc research project considered the influence of corvid abundance on breeding success of three thrush species (song thrush, mistle thrush and blackbird) on hill-edge farmland in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Joe has a long-standing interest in ornithology, and regularly undertakes breeding and wintering bird surveys as part of his role at BSG, but has developed his skills in other species groups, particularly plants in recent years, owing partly to an industrial placement year at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. At Kew, he worked in the herbarium within the Identification & Naming Department, to develop interactive matrix keys to various families and genera of plants in the Neotropics. His interest and knowledge of British flora has since expanded as a result of using the core botanical skills he gained whilst working at Kew. He is also well-practised in GIS (ArcGIS), particularly as a result of his undergraduate dissertation project, which involved mapping the distribution of Himalayan balsam along a chalk stream in The Chilterns.

Joe is actively working towards his Natural England Level 1 survey license for great crested newt.

Outside of work, Joe contributes to a range of surveying and monitoring projects for birds (BTO Breeding Bird Survey, English Winter Bird Survey, Garden Birdwatch and Nest Record Scheme) and mammals (BBOWT Water Vole Recovery Project), and keeps field notes on a range of taxa to improve his skills and knowledge. He is also a member of several conservation organisations, including the BTO, Bat Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation and local Wildlife Trust.

Oxford | 01865 883833