Kirsty Kirkham | Director | Derbyshire

Kirsty Kirkham

Kirsty joined BSG Ecology in November 2010; she has worked as a professional ecologist since 1993.

Kirsty’s specialist areas are biodiversity gain, the application of wildlife legislation and policy, and ecological impact assessment. Kirsty has significant experience in development management, minerals and strategic policy planning in relation to ecology. She has prepared ecology chapters for Environmental Statements and has appeared as an Expert Witness at two public inquiries. Kirsty has worked with the minerals industry for 27 years, mainly in Nottinghamshire, North Yorkshire and Derbyshire, to help devise and deliver biodiversity-focussed minerals restoration schemes. Kirsty represents BSG Ecology in its membership of the Minerals Products Association.

Kirsty is one of the main leads in biodiversity gain, both within BSG Ecology and externally at a national level. Kirsty is working at a strategic level with major developer clients to assess the capacity of their landholding to deliver biodiversity gain and she is specifically assisting the minerals industry. Her knowledge and experience is helping many of BSG Ecology’s clients now and to help them prepare for the significant changes ahead in planning and ecology once biodiversity gain becomes mandatory. Kirsty has worked on major development projects, leading and co-ordinating the delivery of ecology surveys and services. She has considerable experience of working within multi-disciplinary consultant teams.

Previously, Kirsty led a team of ecologists at Golder Associates. Prior to this she was Principal Ecologist at North Yorkshire County Council (and a member of the Association of Local Government Ecologists (ALGE)), where she led the development of the North Yorkshire non-statutory nature conservation site system and was significantly involved in biodiversity action planning in the county. She has also worked as an ecologist at Nottinghamshire County Council and as Urban Conservation Officer at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

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