Laura Grant | Principal Ecologist | Oxford

Laura Grant

Laura joined BSG Ecology in April 2008. Her project experience includes work relating to urban redevelopment and large-scale expansion, BREEAM and CfSH, onshore wind farms and listed buildings. Laura liaises closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure implementation of surveys and delivery of reports in accordance with project timescales. She frequently works with planners, architects, landscape designers and wider project teams on development projects.

Laura has co-ordinated ecological surveys and assessments for sites ranging from 1-100 ha in extent. This has included conducting data searches, managing teams of surveyors, handling extensive data sets and interpreting and presenting data. Her technical background and driven nature has led to her production of guidance notes and presentations to share knowledge and improve standards for these elements within the practice.

Since joining BSG Ecology, Laura has undertaken Phase 1 surveys and completed field surveys and reports for protected species including bats, dormouse, reptiles, badger, otter, water vole and great crested newt. Laura holds survey licences for great crested newt and bats; Laura has prepared and secured both European Protected Species Licences and Conservation Licences. She specialises in bats and her licence permits her to survey roosts and handle bats for identification purposes. She regularly leads bat surveys including building inspections, activity surveys and also acts as an Ecological Clerk of Works during development activities. To further the understanding of bat detection methods and migration behaviours in the UK, Laura has conducted technical research work both in the laboratory and field.

Laura has achieved ITC Category 1 Thermography certification (complying with the requirements of ISO 18436-7), and is qualified to undertake infrared inspections in accordance with written guidelines and report the technical results of inspections. She undertakes thermal imaging surveys for a variety of species, particularly birds and bats.

In spring 2016 Laura had a four month part-time secondment with Oxfordshire County Council working as an Ecologist Planner. The role entailed advising and determining minerals, waste and transport schemes. This provided her with an invaluable insight into our local planning authority.

Laura graduated from Cardiff University in 2007 with a degree in Ecology and Environmental Management, during which she spend a year shadowing the Biodiversity Officer from Birmingham City Council. Laura then spent six months working for the Countryside Council for Wales gaining an understanding of conservation at site and landscape scales before joining BSG Ecology.


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