Natalie Sabin | Ecologist | Oxford


Natalie joined BSG Ecology in January 2022.

Natalie is a skilled project manager and has a breadth of experience managing projects. Her ecological project work has included undertaking survey work for nationally significant infrastructure, residential, and heritage schemes. Her work includes the preparation of technical species reports and ecological appraisals, as well as processing and analysing data.

Natalie has experience in conducting protected species surveys for bats, birds, badgers, and reptiles. She holds a Level 1 Natural England Survey Class licence for bats, is a qualified tree climber, and is working towards her Level 2 bat licence. She has led numerous emergence/re-entry surveys and ground level tree inspections. Natalie is also a keen bird surveyor and is proficient in identification of many UK birds by sight and sound.

Natalie spends time volunteering for her local bat group and conducting habitat management work for conservation bodies including various Wildlife Trusts. She is the host of a history podcast, and enjoys metal detecting.

Oxford | 01865 883833