Roger Buisson | Associate Director | Cambridge

Roger Buisson Director of Ecology

Roger is a highly experienced professional ecologist with a track record of over 30 years of providing scientifically robust advice, information and advocacy on the protection, management and creation of habitats of value to wildlife alongside the sustainable development of nationally important infrastructure.

Roger has over 15 years’ experience in a senior consultancy role managing projects that have a significant element requiring impact assessment (EIA and HRA), biodiversity net gain assessment or have the potential to go to Public Inquiry or Hearing.  A large proportion of his consultancy advice, to both the private and public sector, has been on assessing large infrastructure developments including ports, airports, roads, flood defence works, reservoirs, renewables (solar and onshore and offshore wind farms), power stations (biomass, fossil and nuclear), tidal generators, and waste management facilities. As many of these developments have the potential to give rise to significant environmental impacts and/or were in sensitive locations (e.g. close to sites of high wildlife interest protected under UK legislation) they required environmental impact assessment and, where relevant, Habitats Regulations Assessment.

Roger has experience of being an expert witness at Hearings for nationally significant infrastructure projects, Public Inquiries for energy and transport infrastructure proposals and at Examination in Public for Local Plans.  He is familiar with working with large expert teams managed by a Barrister and presenting his own evidence and conducting cross-examination in the absence of legal representation.

Prior to working in environmental consultancy, Roger was employed by the RSPB working, over a period of 15 years, on reversing the declines of farmland birds, leading the team that advised on habitat management, providing technical support to casework staff responding to threats to sites important for birds and lobbying for changes to water and coastal management policies.

Roger has particular interests in the management and enhancement of land for wild bird populations and pursues these interests in his spare time through bird surveys and monitoring for the British Trust for Ornithology and the Countryside Restoration Trust.

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