Sanjaya Raya | GIS Consultant | Oxford

Sanjaya Raya

Sanjaya joined the company in March 2020 and has worked with GIS professionally in the UK and internationally since 2018.

Sanjaya has a BSc (Hons) in Geography from Kingston University (London) and an MSc in GIS from University of Portsmouth in 2018. His dissertation research involved using remote sensing and GIS programs to map changes of glaciers and glacial lakes in the Himalayan region of Kanchenjunga, Nepal.

Prior to joining BSG Ecology, Sanjaya gained experience working as a GIS technician for the Rural Payments Agency, Reading, where he used satellite and radar imagery to verify claims made by farmers and to digitize and confirm types of crop being grown. Most recently he has worked maintaining large databases, linking these and updating gas riser and pipeline maps for Scotia Gas Network. He has also volunteered for the United Nations Development Programme, Nepal, as a GIS professional under the Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme (CDRMP).

Sanjaya’s technical skills in GIS are spatial, network and 3D analysis. He has a particular interest in the use of remote sensing and radar imagery to perform various outputs such as performing Normalized Difference in Vegetation Index, Normalized Difference in Water Index, supervised and unsupervised classification, DEM, DSM, DTM, and mapping environmental changes overtime using ArcGIS and Erdas IMAGINE. Sanjaya is also able to use SPSS for statistical analysis. He has a keen interest in UAVs, and environmental photography.

Oxford | 01865 883833