Sarah Joscelyne | Senior Ecologist | Oxford

Sarah Joscelyne

Sarah joined BSG Ecology in March 2016 as an ecologist and is based in the Oxford office; prior to this she worked with BSG Ecology in 2015 as a seasonal field ecologist. Sarah is now a key member of BSG Ecology’s ecology team and works on numerous projects, primarily in southern England; this work includes protected species survey, extended Phase 1 habitat survey, and assisting with mitigation. Sarah is also involved in the preparation of proposals, reports and biodiversity impact assessments.

Sarah holds a Natural England Level 1 Survey Class licence for great crested newts and also has experience of carrying out surveys for reptiles, invertebrates and a range of mammals including bats, badger, water vole, otter, dormouse, and harvest mouse. She is currently developing experience in dormouse survey, both with BSG Ecology and also through her involvement in the Oxfordshire Mammal Group. Sarah is working towards securing protected species survey licences for dormouse and bats. She has undertaken training on badger mitigation and is developing a variety of related project experience.

Sarah has experience of a variety of bat survey techniques and is trained in bat call analysis. Sarah is an active member of North Bucks Bat Group; she has also been involved with Evesham Bat Care, where she worked with a trained handler to rehabilitate injured bats.

Sarah has a range of other technical skills including GPS collaring and radio tracking of mammals and reptiles, camera trap surveying, mark-recapture survey techniques, and scat surveying and analysis. She is also trained in GIS. Some of these skills were obtained through her previous positions as a research assistant at Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) and during field work at Danau Girang, Malaysia.

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