Portland Bat Migration Study

Portland Bat Migration Study

Between August and November 2013 BSG Ecology deployed a static bat detector at Portland Bird Observatory, Dorset.  The aim of this was to identify any patterns of bat activity that may suggest bat migration at this site. The study formed part of a wider bat migration project undertaken by BSG, in which six coastal locations were sampled in 2013.Although technical issues allowed successful recording on just 23 nights during the period of deployment, the results nevertheless proved very interesting.  Five passes of a known migrant on the European continent, Nathusius’ pipistrelle, and at least five species of bat were recorded.

Given the limited amount of data gathered, a full report has not been prepared for this site but a summary report is provided in the embedded pdf below.

For further information on our work at Portland please contact Gareth Lang in our Newport office on 01633 509000

Portland Bat Summary 2013 Final NV

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