Promotion of the profession: Careers advice to Oxford University students

Promotion of the profession: Careers advice to Oxford University students

BSG Ecology’s Dr Tom Flynn (Principal Ecologist) and Joe Bishop (Consultant Ecologist) presented a talk on Working in Ecological Consultancy to student members of the University of Oxford’s Geography Society on 11 February 2020.

Tom gave an introduction to the service that ecological consultants provide, discussed the range of projects we work on and the type of work we do. He also introduced the concept of biodiversity net gain, one of the most rapidly developing areas of the industry, before outlining the practicalities of working as an ecologist and the type of experience that would help aspiring ecologists to break into the profession.

Joe, who completed his MSc in 2017 and has been with BSG Ecology for two years, then talked through his career progression to date. To demonstrate the range of activities he gets involved with, he set out ‘a day in the life of an ecologist’. This made it clear that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day in ecology!

After the presentation, Tom and Joe answered questions from the floor, advised students about the next steps they could take to gain relevant experience, and provided individual advice on CVs.

Geography student Iona Williams said: ‘I found the talk very insightful, giving a clear picture into the work done by ecological consultants, and very useful, explaining possible career paths with practical advice on how to get into the sector’.

Geography Student Francesca Blase said: ‘The talk and following Q/A session also supplied useful guidance for our geography and biology students on how to take the first steps to enter into this highly competitive industry’.

This summer BSG Ecology will host two students on the University of Oxford’s micro-internship programme.

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