Promotion of the Profession: BSG Ecology speaks at Swansea University Employability Event

Promotion of the Profession: BSG Ecology speaks at Swansea University Employability Event

BSG Ecology’s Owain Gabb and James Garside were among the speakers at the Swansea University Employability Event on 23 October 2019.

The event was set up to provide second year Biosciences students with insight into the range of career options available to them. Our talk naturally concerned ecological consultancy as one obvious potential career pathway. The initial part of the talk, by Owain Gabb, set out the role of ecological consultants and the types of work they do, the range in size of companies working in the sector, and the differences in the ways they recruit. The presentation then went on to talk about what BSG Ecology (specifically) look for in graduate ecologists, and the varied experience and skill sets that ten of our recent graduate recruits felt were key to securing them their current role. James Garside, who had contacted BSG following a similar careers event, and graduated from Swansea University in 2015, then talked about what his day-to-day role involved and how he had secured a job with BSG.

Other speakers talked about the role of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) in providing training and other resources for aspiring ecological professionals, opportunities for graduates presented by academia, the medical sciences, biotechnology, in the management, educational and conservation work of zoos, and in statutory nature conservation organisations (Natural Resources Wales).

The event felt very positive, and there were opportunities for students to engage further with presenters during regular breaks in the day.

Dr Hazel Nichols (Biosciences Lecturer) who co-ordinated the event said, “The feedback has been really positive. Your talk contained lots of great advice for students considering a career in ecology, and it was fantastic for the students to meet James, who had literally been sitting in their seats a few years ago and who now has a permanent graduate role in BSG Ecology. I hope that we can further build on the links we’ve developed with BSG Ecology in the future.”

Further information with regard to what we look for in a potential graduate level recruit is here: What Are We Looking For In A Graduate Ecologist?

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