Promotion of the Profession: Ecological Consultancy Lectures to Oxford Brookes

Promotion of the Profession: Ecological Consultancy Lectures to Oxford Brookes

For the past three years BSG Ecology’s Kate Rooney has been an invited to deliver a lecture to final year Oxford Brookes Biosciences students as part of their Ecological Consultancy module. During this year’s talk, Kate outlined the role which ecological consultants play in development projects, and the skills and qualities which BSG Ecology look for in a graduate level recruit. The students then worked through a case study based on a project BSG had been involved with, and discussed the scope and specification of protected species surveys for the site along with potential mitigation solutions.

Following the talk, Kate led a workshop in writing fee proposals for consultancy projects, and provided advice and support with regard to group projects which students had been tasked with as part of their course work. She also made herself available to answer any questions which the students had in relation to working in ecological consultancy.

Adam Symons, Environmental Lecturer at Oxford Brookes and the course co-ordinator said:

“Kate kindly came in to Oxford Brookes to talk to the Environmental Consultancy students. She provided them with a comprehensive overview of working in an ecological consultancy, providing examples of some of the work she does. Kate also provided the students with hints and tips on how to write a proposal, and stayed on after her lecture to provide the students with support and guidance for their own proposals.”

Further information with regard to what we look for in a potential graduate level recruit is here: What Are We Looking For In A Graduate Ecologist?


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