Sharing Learning and Good Practice: Arup and BSG collaborate to Provide Staff Training

Sharing Learning and Good Practice: Arup and BSG collaborate to Provide Staff Training

During 2020 BSG Ecology and Arup have collaborated to provide training in dormouse survey and monitoring for staff working towards licences.

The training was conducted during monthly checks of boxes woodlands in Monmouthshire and the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, that were being monitored in line with European Protected Species license conditions. All work was led by a licenced dormouse surveyor. During the work a range of species including (the typically aggressive) yellow-necked mouse (such as that pictured above), were encountered. The trainees gained experience of handling and taking biometric data during the monitoring, as well as in the differentiation of nests of different species.

In order to work in line with Covid-19 protocols, the trainer and trainee used separate sets of equipment that had been cleaned using mammal safe anti-viral cleaner, as recommended by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) prior to each visit. It was possible to maintain a 2 m distance at all times during the work, which was conducted on a commercial basis and was required to fulfil licencing conditions.

Dr Paul Clack, Associate Director at Arup said:

The collaboration with BSG Ecology this year has been highly beneficial, training junior staff in complex survey and handling techniques and allowing monitoring commitments to be delivered efficiently for our clients.  This aligns well with the new CIEEM Raising Standards Project that will produce competency frameworks to evidence individuals experience in key areas of ecological survey and mitigation techniques.  We anticipate further such arrangements in the future to share learning and experience between our organisations.”

 Owain Gabb, Director at BSG Ecology said:

Working with Arup to deliver inter-company technical training in conjunction with commercial work has been enjoyable and beneficial for all involved. We hope to continue and expand upon the initiative in 2021.”


Top Image: Yellow-necked mouse by Caroline O’Rourke


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