Spurn Bat Migration Study

Spurn Bat Migration Study

Between August and November 2013 BSG Ecology deployed a static bat detector at Spurn Lighthouse, East Yorkshire.  The aim of this was to identify if there were pulses of bat activity recorded might suggest bat migration.

Spurn is one of six coastal sites that BSG sampled for evidence of bat migration in 2013.   The location was chosen due to its geographical position, and because detailed information is routinely collected on other taxa (in particular birds and moths – which could potentially migrate in similar conditions). In addition, the shingle ridge that makes up the headland is likely to have limited baseline use by bats (making changes more detectable).  The support of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust in servicing the detector was invaluable in allowing the study to proceed.

The results were interesting.  Nathusius’ pipistrelle was recorded throughout much of the period, and records of other species included Leisler’s bat and serotine, which are considered scarce or absent in the county.

For a full account of this pilot study please click to open the embedded pdf

Spurn Bat Report 2013.


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