Supporting Professional Development: Leadership and Management Training for Ecologists

Supporting Professional Development: Leadership and Management Training for Ecologists

As BSG Ecology has grown as a business there has been a requirement for more staff to take on leadership and non-project related management activities. To ensure people feel equipped to take on these tasks, training has been developed to meet our specific needs through discussion with our staff and an external training provider. Our first Leadership and Management training day took place in Birmingham on 16 May 2019, and was attended by the BSG Senior Management Team.

Overview of Training

The topics covered during the training included developing skills such as effective communication, staff motivation, delegation, giving difficult feedback, dealing with challenging situations and prioritization of work. The training was delivered through a mixture of group exercises and short presentations by the providers; some very useful discussions around these exercises followed, and techniques to help deal with difficult situations and deliver business objectives were discussed.

 The training was a very positive experience. It was good to think about the situations we collectively and individually find challenging, but the training also provided reassurance and a useful forum for discussion; this highlighted the effective systems and processes we already have in place, and the interest and commitment of the group to work together and seek continuous improvement. It was also very positive to see readily-achievable actions being identified by attendees to improve aspects of internal processes and people also took away some tips and useful techniques for dealing with elements of leadership or management they find particularly challenging on an individual level.

The Training Provider

The training was provided by Julie Johns and Graham Stagg of Jewel Training and Development, an Oxfordshire-based consultancy that has been in operation since 1999.


The training was carefully tailored to meet our needs and focussed on practical ways to develop our team’s management abilities. Both trainers were engaging and had years of management and leadership experience to draw on.” Guy Miller, Principal Ecologist

A stimulating set of presentations and activities that had us thinking about our management approaches.” Roger Buisson, Director of Ecology

I found the management training extremely valuable, particularly in the context of my new role as a Principal Ecologist. Julie Johns was very good at keeping everyone engaged and took a real interest in BSG Ecology. The course was of a very high quality and I hope that there is an opportunity for further training” Katy Stiles, Principal Ecologist


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