Training for Professionals – Great Crested Newts and Mitigation

Training for Professionals – Great Crested Newts and Mitigation

All over the country long strips of plastic fencing are now a common sight – a sign that an increasing number of ecologists and contractors are instigating great crested newt mitigation schemes.

Sound ecological knowledge and evidence-based application of this should inform how professional ecologists go about their business, and underpinning this is their proper training and development.

We are very pleased to announce that in late November (26th – 28th) Dr Jim Fairclough, Principal Ecologist, will be drawing on his 13 years’ experience of working with amphibians and development to deliver a training course to professionals on great crested newt mitigation.

This course, which is jointly organised by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and the Field Studies Council, is aimed at ecologists with knowledge and experience of great crested newt survey techniques but with limited experience of licensing and mitigation projects. It will appeal particularly to planning authority ecologists and consultant ecologists.

The training will include reference to real life case-study material, workshop exercises and a site visit. By teaming up with Legacy Habitat Management we are also able to offer a demonstration on fencing techniques and other engineered solutions used in the trapping and exclusion of great crested newts.

The course will help participants understand the license application process and how to run their own mitigation project. It will include a session on completing the Natural England method statement (WML-A14-2) and cover in depth some of the best practice protocols required to deliver successful newt mitigation.

If you would like to discuss this article please contact Jim Fairclough in our Hathersage office: 01433 651869

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