Aerial Bat Surveys of the Grand Bridge, Blenheim Estate Oxfordshire

Aerial Bat Surveys of the Grand Bridge, Blenheim Estate Oxfordshire

BSG Ecology’s Guy Miller, one of our licenced bat ecologists, supported by Adam Long (Access Techniques Ltd), an industrial rope access specialist, has recently conducted aerial surveys of the Grand Bridge at Blenheim Park, Oxfordshire. The aim has been to identify and inspect features of the bridge that have the potential to support roosting bats and nesting birds. The resulting information will be used to inform the approach taken to forthcoming repair work, ensuring that it is legally compliant and that opportunities for birds and bats are retained within the structure following renovation.

Blenheim Estate takes its responsibilities with regard to bats very seriously. The Estate is known to support a wide variety of bat species including barbastelle, considered one of the UK’s rarest bat species, and the range-restricted lesser horseshoe bat. BSG Ecology has been engaged to ensure that bats are not adversely impacted during works to numerous estate buildings over recent years, and is also working (in collaboration with the Oxford Bat Group) on research into woodland bat communities and their roost sites at Blenheim.

The aerial survey work of the Grand Bridge has been featured in the Oxford Mail: Ecologists abseil on Blenheim Palace bridge to monitor bats. More photos can be found on our Facebook site HERE.

Further information about the bat research on the Estate can be found here: Blenheim Estate: Woodland Bat Research 2018-2020

If you need aerial inspection of trees or buildings for bats or other wildlife, please contact us.


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