BSG Ecology has numerous licensed great crested newt surveyors with extensive experience of survey, impact assessment, licensing and mitigation. We employ a Registered Consultant with Natural England; this permits the use of a Low Impact Class Licence. We are also involved in great crested newt research and habitat creation.


We undertake large-scale great crested newt survey and can deliver complex mitigation projects. We have a wealth of experience and an in-depth knowledge of this species. Our team can quickly identify situations where the presence of great crested newt requires consideration and we have the necessary expertise to resolve complex problems.

Great Crested Newt Survey

We employ a wide range of survey techniques including:
• Initial site appraisal using the Habitat Suitability Index (HSI);
• eDNA analysis of water samples;
• Standard presence/absence surveys and population size class assessments (bottle trapping, torching, netting, egg-searching and searching of refugia);
• Monitoring surveys (a condition of development licences).

Consultancy Services

We keep abreast of emerging research, policies and guidance to ensure that we can provide the best advice to our clients. Our consultancy services include:
• Desk-based studies and consultation;
• Advice on legal protection and licensing;
• Input to and/or preparation of great crested newt masterplans;
• Preparation of non-licenced method statements;

• Preparation of method statements and co-ordination of licence submissions;
• Stakeholder liaison and negotiation;
• Habitat enhancement and management plans for both development and conservation-led projects.

Where possible we will work with the project team to devise a way forward which avoids an impact on great crested newt.  Where impacts cannot be avoided and licencing is required, we are able to guide our clients through the licencing process. BSG Ecology has a proven track record in securing licences and we are experienced in the preparation and implementation of mitigation strategies. We also have experience of working in geographical areas subject to district licencing.

Our great crested newt mitigation capability includes:

  • Identification of suitable receptor sites;
  • Site-based advice and supervision of habitat creation and restoration (including ponds, terrestrial habitat and hibernacula) and design advice on tunnels and underpasses;
  • Advice and supervision during amphibian exclusion fencing installation;
  • Pitfall trapping, refuge searching and torchlight searches to improve capture rates;
  • Hand-searches, destructive search and providing a watching brief service;
  • Post-mitigation monitoring and advice.

Our ecologists have extensive experience of trapping and relocating great crested newt under licence. For larger schemes we are able to draw upon our network of sub-contractors; this allows us to complete surveys and large-scale newt mitigation work efficiently throughout the UK.