BSG Ecology offers a comprehensive Ecological / Habitat Management Planning service from initial management ideas and advice, to the preparation of detailed plans, and ongoing assistance and practical support during implementation.

Habitat Management Plan Capability

BSG Ecology has written management plans for a wide variety of habitats and in relation to many different projects. We have a clear understanding of what makes a good plan: it needs to be informed by detailed knowledge of the site concerned; have clear objectives, rationale and structure; be easy to understand and practical to implement.  Many of our staff have experience of land management and of integrating ecologically valuable ‘green infrastructure’ into the design of projects.

Ecological / Habitat Management Plans can take a variety of forms but most fall into two broad categories: Protected Areas and Designated Sites; and those which accompany development proposals.

Management Planning for Designated Sites

BSG Ecology has prepared numerous management plans for nature reserves and country parks (which are primarily a recreational resource), from small areas of wetland, hay meadow and woodland, to complex plans for sites supporting a diverse range of habitats.

BSG Ecology has substantial experience of preparing plans for habitat restoration in sensitive areas, including sites located within Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and National Parks. BSG Ecology also has experience of large-scale habitat restoration of brownfield sites.

BSG Ecology have also produced management plans for various Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Local Wildlife Sites, often for sites owned and managed by Local Authorities.

Management Planning in Association with Development

Ecological Management Plans which detail habitat protection, restoration and creation measures are increasingly required in support of commercial development. These set out mitigation, compensation and/or enhancement measures, and may contribute to green infrastructure or tie in with local biodiversity objectives.  They are driven by planning policy and, with regard to large development, consultee expectations.

We have devised and assisted with the delivery of many Biodiversity Management Plans, including Construction and Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) and Landscape and Environmental Management Plans (LEMPs), typically through close collaboration with other technical disciplines (such as landscape architects, hydrologists, engineers) and site managers.

Our experience includes both small-scale plans, such as the creation of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) including biodiverse swales and green roofs, and more complex long-term, phased restoration plans for larger sites; these can incorporate multiple habitat features, or management aimed at specific species (such as waders, bats, or amphibians).

BSG Ecology has particular experience of producing Ecological Management Plans for development sites located within ecologically sensitive areas. BSG Ecology has also worked closely with statutory consultees to devise practical and effective ecological management plans for major urban extensions and for the restoration of mineral extraction sites.  We have also prepared plans for wind farms and solar development sites across the UK.

Habitat Management Plan Services

BSG Ecology provides the following services through close collaboration with other technical disciplines (such as landscape architects, hydrologists, engineers) and site managers:

  • Production and specialist input to Biodiversity Management Plans, including CEMPs and LEMPs, Habitat Restoration Plans, Habitat Management Plans and Ecology Management Plans
  • Consultation and negotiation with stakeholders to agree the scope of management activities;
  • Project management and post-development monitoring to assist with the effective plan delivery.